Dyson vs. Dubstep


In Development:

Dyson vs. Dubstep is a high-speed multiplayer shooter with novel physics where players can go over any surface (walls, ceilings, twisting bridges, etc.), automatically staying upright relative to those surfaces.



  • Character controller utilizing PhysX
  • Camera controller
  • Special effects
  • User interface
  • OpenAL audio
  • Networking
  • Level and character modeling


Gameplay Prelude (gameplay much smoother than video shows):


Dual-mode camera controller:

This video shows three scenes that demonstrate the two modes of the camera controller. For each scene, the first mode has the camera simply follow along as the main body yaws, pitches and rolls with the ground. This is akin to what happens if you drive a car over hilly terrain while holding the steering wheel steady. The second mode maintains the viewing direction, essentially inheriting only the roll from the main body. The viewing direction projected to the local ground plane (i.e., what’s directly underneath) defines the movement direction. So this is akin to driving a car over hilly terrain while adjusting the steering wheel to maintain a specific direction. For demonstration purposes, the mouse is never moved during this video (except when looking around in the very beginning). So all adjustments of the camera viewing direction are made by the controller. The viewing direction can of course be adjusted with the mouse at any time without interference with or by the camera controller.


Physics Demo: