Saturn’s Dungeon



Saturn’s Dungeon was the project for my ten week senior design class. I worked with four other computer science majors and a musician. Our musician made great sound effects as well, but the video capture software refused to pick up audio from the game. I added the music when editing the footage, but obviously could not do that for the sound effects.

The architectural design was inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and the textures are from the game. I challenged myself by pretending I was on the Amnesia modeling team and the 2D artists gave me concept art and textures and said, “Get to work!” Such restrictions really helped me improve my modeling and UV-mapping skills. I think it came out pretty nice. Amnesia is an amazing game and if you haven’t played it then you should!



  • Special effects
  • Character controller
  • Collision detection and response
  • User interface
  • Level design
  • Architectural modeling